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My name is Robin, but you can call me Puck. I'm cisgendered, aromantic, asexual, a proud feminist, as well as a Trekker, a Browncoat, and a pacifist.

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  1. Sailors Beware - Shirt by nosredna1313
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  4. Greene Farm, Georgia by laurencskinner
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“Comet Man" by Eugenia Loli.
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  7. sketch by xpe
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DAY 18
 A couple (any two people)

Otters are people, too.


    DAY 18

    A couple (any two people)

    Otters are people, too.

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  10. Funky colors by ElsaKroese
  11. Stiles “Smooth Moves” Stilinski

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  13. When you’re a Research Interviewer at Nielsen, you can’t “break neutrality” when talking to a respondent. A big portion of that is not talking about or showing interest in specific networks or programs. This is particularly frustrating when you’re talking to a really nice old lady who has recently started watching the new Cosmos but still watches episodes of the original. I wanted so badly to ask how she compared the two but nope </3

    So if you get a call from Nielsen, know that we’d love to chat and tell you all our feels, but we can’t. 

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  15. Mamina by GENZOMAN
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