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My name is Puck. I'm cis, aro-ace, a proud feminist, as well as a Trekker, a Browncoat, and a pacifist. Snapchat me: rbhudson

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    Brand new Metroid shirt based on original .gif by College Humor illustrator Caldwell Tanner

    I was inspired to draw a Sad Metroid after seeing the Busted Tee’s great Bummerman shirt. There’s something delightfully melancholic about giving emotions to blank-slated characters. It’s kind of like watching a clown cry, except in this case the clown is a life-sucking videogame alien parasite, but you get the idea. Also, I’m a big fan of the Metroid series, and always felt it never got enough love, which is another thing this Metroid is sad about. He’s very complex.” — @caldy

    Buying this shirt would be the opposite of sucking.

    I feel like wearing this shirt would help me get over my parasite phobia

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      I feel like wearing this shirt would help me get over my parasite phobia
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